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Fiber Optic Internet Now Available In Phase 1

All homes within the green highlighted streets are now scheduling for installations.  A sales support staff will assist you with a date for installation and further details.  Submit the form below and someone will be in touch within 4 hours within our normal sales operating hours or the next day for requests made after 12 PM each day.  All Resort residence who pre-signed prior to phase 1 being complete will be contacted in order of sign up.  We will discuss our next open installation time with you once we receive your submittal below for internet services.

Sign-Up Today! A massive improvement over your existing internet connection, Nextlink Fiber connects directly from your residence to our central office and offers lightning-fast speeds of up to 1000Mbps (1Gbps).

See the sign-up form below.  The HOA initially gathered over 300 signatures from residents indicating their support of this effort.

Fiber Optic Internet Coming December for Phase 2

No data caps or limits.

The Resort at Eagle Mountain Lake

Due to the high-cost nature of FTTH construction, this installation fee helps offset these costs making it possible for us to undertake such a project.  Nextlink will burden the majority of the costs and make that up over a period of time through the monthly service plans.  If you sign up for any of the higher rate plans, you can choose to downgrade to any plan down to the $99 Fiberlink 100.  After year 1 of the 2-year term, we will offer our lower-tiered plans of 25/25Mbps $59 and 50/50Mbps $79.

For new customers to Nextlink who signed up before January 1, 2020, $50 will be taken off the $500 install fee. Sign-ups after this date the install fee is $500.

Existing Nextlink customers who signed up for fiber before January 1, 2020, will receive the $50 promotion and an additional $50 discount for being a loyal Nextlink customer for a total $400 install fee. Existing Nextlink customers signed up after this date will have a $450 install fee.

• Nextlink will allow all customers that signed up prior to January 1, 2020, to amortize the install fee over the 24-month term.
• After this date, all new customers will be asked to pay the $500 install over 12 months if not wanting to pay in full at the time of installation.
• After January 1, 2020 customers (new and existing) that choose to pay the installation fee upfront, we will offer a 10% discount off the standard install fee.
• Month to month contracts will not be offered.
• The ETF on fiber will be half of the full contract value.
• If you want both wireless and fiber connections please call us for a custom quote for this backup solution!

Click here for the Nextlink FTTH Eagle Mountain Lakes HOA Meeting Presentation if you weren’t present on October 1, 2019, where Nextlink gave a project overview.

For more information, use the comment section below or call (855) 698-5465 to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable Nextlink representative.

Nextlink Whole Home Wi-Fi

Today’s homes are getting bigger, and the further you move away from the router, the weaker your Wi-Fi signal becomes, simply because the signal has to travel a longer distance. Nextlink offers additional satellite mesh units that can be purchased to extend your Wi-Fi coverage further.

$3.99 /mo Each additional Satellite 804Mesh unit needed for expanded Wi-Fi coverage.

Nextlink Whole Home Wi-Fi also offers you much faster resolution regarding any router troubleshooting, protection from lightning strikes via the UPS, additional up-time during power outages, and full lifetime replacement if there is a manufacturer’s defect or failure. Please note that water damage, excessive device damage, or other damage not inherent to the manufacturer’s normal operation will not be covered and a replacement charge, shipping charge, or dispatch charge may incur for replacement.

Call Nextlink at 855-NXT-LINK (698-5465) to get started today!

If multiple static IP addresses are required, please complete this request form and email to

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