Personal Mini Towers from Nextlink provide additional height and range for your connection.

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Personal Mini Tower

When it comes to getting internet in a rural area, one size does not fit all. Every home, business and property is different and may require innovative solutions. Nextlink Mini Towers are a great way to connect to Nextlink’s Wireless Internet service when you need additional height for your antenna to have a clear line of sight to our tower.

Personal Mini Towers start at just $1,999!


Custom Heights

Available heights starting at 40′

safe and secure concrete pad

Safe and Secure

Minimally invasive concrete pad base

custom tower types

Build Options

Bracketed and stand alone options

financing options available

Financing Available

We will work with you on a payment plan

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Tower Installation

Step 1: Build a Base

The average size of the concrete base will be 2’x2’ but may vary slightly depending on the height of the tower. Once the base is built, the concrete will need to fully cure before we can come back and stand your tower.

Step 2: Stand the Tower

Depending on the height and location of your tower, it will either be bracketed to the side of an existing structure, or it may stand on its own. Once the tower is stood up, we will attach the necessary equipment for you to receive wireless internet connectivity to your home or business.


Click here to download our personal mini tower printable brochure.

Tower Installation