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Internet for Education

Nextlink is the preferred provider of Internet for Education and Learning Facilities. Nextlink ranks #2 in districts served within the state of Texas. Nextlink services 78 School Districts with over 56,000 students across Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. However, we remain #1 as the only service provider that fully commits to the communities of the districts we serve. The only other provider that ranks higher than us, in districts served, only focuses on the revenue generated by the district (ISD’s who are typically the largest employer in town).

It is much harder to take on an entire community vs. a single institution and Nextlink feels it is just as important that the teachers and students have access to the same speed and quality of service at their homes. This is where they plan curriculum, grade assignments, complete homework and research for projects assigned to the students. When we provide connectivity to a district, we always commit our coverage to the greater community.

We maintain a team of experienced professionals with a breadth of educational experience to help you select the right services for your students and faculty. Nextlink’s goal is to provide bandwidth and resources that meet and exceed the instructional and administrative needs of school districts. Nextlink is committed to excellence in customer service and satisfaction. Our staff are experts in their field, committed to providing services and products that not only meet your needs but also your budget. We can also address and expand your funding options.

Nextlink is committed to providing:

  • Dedicated Internet Access or Data Transport Only
  • Speeds from 5MB up to 10GB (Fiber in Select Areas, call 855-NXT-LINK (698-5465) for more information)
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Support Team
  • Proactive 24/7 Service Monitoring
  • BroadbandNow Top Internet Speeds & Top 5 Fastest Fixed Wireless Provider in Texas
  • Education Superhighway – Nextlink Internet is a “Connectivity Leader Service Provider” with 100% of the students served meeting the minimum 100 kbps per student needed for digital learning.

Larger organizations require more – more bandwidth, more reliability, and more security. We make it easy for you by delivering reliable high-speed internet at a cost lower than traditional providers. Nextlink also provides dedicated connectivity at the performance standard required for your business, a dedicated account manager, and a support team with proactive 24/7 service monitoring.

For custom quotes and options, please call 855-NXT-LINK (698-5465) today.

What is E-Rate?

E-Rate is an assistance program administered by USAC that provides discounts on eligible services to schools and libraries ranging from 20-90%. Click here to learn more.

Reimbursement Process

There are two ways in which your entity can receive E-rate reimbursements. The first way is to submit a BEAR Form (E-rate Form 472). This form can be completed whenever the entity wants to request reimbursement for invoices already paid. For simplicity purposes, some entities wait until the end of the funding year (after they have paid the June invoice) and submit a BEAR Form for reimbursement for the entire year’s bills.

The second way is to request discounted bills from your provider. We will discount your invoices upon request. We’ll also submit the Service Provider Invoice (SPI) Form 474 to request reimbursement for discounts already provided to customers. Before we are able to do so, please remember:

  • The funding request for Nextlink services must have been funded per the FCDL (Funding Commitment Decision Letter).
  • The entity must have completed the E-rate Form 486 after receiving their FCDL. Until this form has been processed, Nextlink, or any other provider, cannot discount your bills.
  • The customer has provided Nextlink with the information per funded FRN in accordance with their Form 471 application.

If the Form 486 is submitted after invoicing has started for the new funding year, your initial bills for the new funding year will not reflect the discounts. However, once we receive notification that your Form 486 has been processed, our Business Department will credit your account starting with your July invoice. Once an applicant receives the discounted bill from the provider, they are required to pay the non-discount portion of the cost of the goods and services.

Acronyms/Terms: The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) provides an on-line reference to define E-Rate terms and acronyms on their website here.

Internet for Education

The E-Rate Assistance Program refers to the Universal Service Fund which is administered by USAC (Universal Service Administrative Company). This program provides discounts to assist schools and libraries in the United States to receive affordable telecommunication services and Internet access. The program is availalbe to all eligible public schools (kindergarten-12th grade), private schools and public libraries. Nextlink provides Internet for Education.

internet for education