Keep your business up and running – even during a service outage – with a cellular backup internet connection.

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Business Internet Backup and Failover Solutions

If an unexpected outage occurs at your location, your Nextlink Internet service can be configured to automatically failover to a cellular backup connection to help you keep your business critical systems running.

internet backup and automatic failover

Automatic Failover

If an outage occurs on your primary Nextlink Internet connection, your services will automatically failover to the cellular backup solution.

business uptime continuity

Business Uptime

Nextlink’s Cellular Backup solution will keep your business critical systems up and running so that your employees can stay productive and you can minimize negative impact to your business.

1500 square feet wifi coverage

Wi-Fi Coverage

Cellular backup and failover solution has a Wi-Fi coverage of 1,500 square feet around the router.

internet backup and failover for POS machine


How does Nextlink's Internet Backup and Failover Solution work?

The backup cellular plan is configured to connect to your primary Wi-Fi router to make sure that if there are connectivity issues with your primary internet service, a cellular internet connection will be automatically turned on to keep your business systems running through the unexpected outage.

How can Internet Backup and Failover help my business?

Business and Commercial customers typically opt into Internet Backup and Failover to ensure their business continuity has redundancy protocols in place. This ensures that your point-of-sale (POS), voice over IP (VoIP), inventory management, credit card readers, and other mission-critical programs are not negatively impacted by an unexpected outage.

What is Redundancy and why is it important?

Redundancy is simply a network configuration that includes a secondary connection path that can be used if the primary path is unavailable due to an outage or other network disturbance.