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We are the premier provider of fixed-wireless and fiber Internet and phone services across Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois and Iowa.

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Are you a developer and/or builder looking for Fiber into new developments?

If so, you may request a “Will Serve Letter” within our existing coverage or our entire CAF and RDOF committed growth footprint (Maps of CAF & RDOF available on request or pubic information at FCC.gov). Please email your request to sales@team.nxlink.com.

About Us

Nextlink is an internet service provider delivering high-speed internet and voice services throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa & Illinois to residential, business, K-12, libraries, rural Healthcare, higher learning, & governmental agencies. To learn more about us, we use fixed wireless and fiber-optic technology to deliver voice and data services to the under-served enterprise, commercial, and residential markets within the states we serve.

Through integrity, accountability, passion, and a focus on success, Nextlink is a company that honors commitments, provides solutions, and strives for the highest quality of customer satisfaction. Nextlink’s competitive differentiation, within both wireline and wireless, in the rural and semi-rural markets in which it serves is relatively simple: offer higher speed plans, better quality of service, and an intense focus on the customer service experience.

Since initiating operations in the fall of 2012 in Weatherford, Texas, Nextlink Internet has experienced radical, organic growth and has become one of the largest wireless internet service providers in the nation. Currently, Nextlink ranks as the 6th largest fixed wireless provider in the United States.

Key reasons for Nextlink’s growth include its investment in its network and continued focus on maintaining its customer-to-access-point ratio. We employ a Network Operations staff 24/7 that constantly monitors tower utilization to prevent oversaturation. In addition, Nextlink has a robust, active tower construction strategy designed to meet the needs of the ever-growing subscriber base. Given the intense demand for our services, we invest heavily in our staff as we grow so that we are never understaffed.

Unlike many of our competitors, Nextlink’s approach focuses not only on speed but also on the quality of service offered. Nextlink minimizes the number of wireless backhaul connections before its data traffic is transported on its fiber network and also maintains the vast majority of its wireless backhaul connections on licensed links that mitigate interference. Our tower network maintains substantial redundancy in both fiber transport (with multiple and varied transport networks across a regional area), while also cross-layering the tower network with redundant wireless backhauls to minimize service disruptions in the event of an equipment or fiber outage.

The management team at Nextlink collectively has extensive WISP and telecom experience prior to Nextlink’s founding. Many of our managers have large-scale Fortune 100 experience from companies such as HCA and Goldman Sachs, KPMG, AT&T Wireless, ARROW Electronics, Lucent Technologies, PayPal, McCaw Wireless, Cingular, AVAYA and Nortel along with other entrepreneurial, high-growth company backgrounds.

Nextlink is always looking to expand its service area through acquisition. If you are a current Fixed Wireless ISP in our six-state Connect America Fund (CAF) or RDOF committed growth areas, then send your inquiry to Corporate@team.nxlink.com and one of our senior managers will reply right away.


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