Our customers have some wonderful things to say about us.

Brandon M, Kaleb, and Isaac, our installation guys, were awesome! Did a great job, super quick, super clean, super friendly. Just flat out awesome guys. Thanks Nextlink for the great service.

Orlando Vargas

…J McNett installed the service and he was extremely nice and so helpful. It has been a long process trying to find good internet and phone service, and I believe we have found the best! We are looking forward to having a reliable internet at a great speed. We would also like to thank the owner of Nextlink because without someone having the idea to cater to the rural areas, we would still be dealing with the very unreliable service we had with the company that had gotten too large to worry about the smaller towns…

L. & G. Hallmark

Living in a rural area, sometimes we are limited in the options that we have for connectivity. Nextlink was able to not only provide us with bandwidth at a reasonable cost where our options are very limited, but also with a great support staff, knowledgeable technicians, and very quick response time in the service department.

Shelia Musselman

Clifton ISD

Although we have only been with Nextlink for a short time, I have been extremely impressed with their customer service and technical assistance. Our recent migration to Nextlink allowed us to triple our bandwidth with little change in cost.

Mike Kelley

Springtown ISD

Bryson Byrd came out today to fix my POE box that went out this last lightning storm. Bryson called before the appointment to verify that I would be here, and he was very prompt and professional! Thank you, Bryson and Nextlink for taking care of my WIFI needs!
Andrea Reed

Nextlink is a great company! They have kept our school running with internet access very smoothly and efficiently. The company has very high standards and for a small rural district, that is very important.
Jimmy Autry

Technology Director, Garner ISD

We switched from ATT to Nextlink and haven’t looked back. Had a service problem and Scott H was dispatched to fix our issue. Not only was he able to fix the problem right way and make sure it was fixed, he was professional and early to the service call. Great tech, lots of knowledge and expertise with his product. Highly recommended Nextlink and Scott H!
Lyndsay Demott

Ayden Jensen and Josh Grant installed our internet today and they were great! Super personable, yet very professional. They even fixed some of the previous internet company’s mistakes! Thank you both! We are looking forward to finally having some good quality internet!

Jessica Hazard

Prairie Valley ISD has been very pleased with the service and support provided by Nextlink and their team.

Tim West

Superintendent, Prairie Valley ISD

Esteban was absolutely FANTASTIC. The man was so professional and personable. He not only installed quickly and competently, he went the extra mile as far as installing and waterproofing the hookup on the roof. It was a pleasure to be able to have him as our installer. Way to go, Nextlink…your employees do you proud.

Charles Beach

Nextlink provides Perrin-Whitt CISD with reliable internet at a fair price along with great customer service

Cliff Gilmore

Superintendent, Perrin-Whitt CISD

Chris and Chad have been awesome! They came on time, explained all the info, answered my many questions. They were super polite, super professional. I was very happy with their service. I even recommended them to my many new neighbors. Moreover, Nextlink Internet turned out to be all that [was] promised, namely unlimited, reliable high-speed Internet. I am so happy with the quality and speed of its internet connection.
Elie Azar

Nextlink’s internet service is top-notch. We switched to them as our primary provider and as we were switching over our secondary provider went down again, and because we had Nextlink we did not miss a beat without internet. It’s fast, efficient, very cost effective, and the attention they pay to their customers is superb!

Troy Garvin

City of Weatherford

The technicians that were dispatched to fix my internet box were absolutely amazing. Scott H and Travis P were just perfect. I absolutely LOVE Nextlink. Their service, as well as customer service, has been nothing short of perfect! A+++ Highly recommended.
Kimberly Moon

Nextlink and the Paschall Insurance Group met due to a crisis situation with our former internet provider. The Nextlink team stepped in and provided an immediate solution. Myself, my staff, and my clients were all very impressed.

Paul Paschall

Paschall Insurance Group