Speed Test

Speed Test Tips*

A valid speed test can only be derived by connecting your device (Laptop or PC) directly to your router.

Speed tests from any wireless device or over a wireless connection is only as good as the wireless signal within your residence/office. Wireless routers, access points and extender’s signals can degrade throughout the structure of the home or office.

If you are experiencing slow speeds, do not test from a smartphone, tablet, gaming system (Xbox, Xbox 360) or any device connecting over your home/office wireless network. Speed tests from gaming systems that are legacy releases and are no longer supported by the manufacturer will not provide a valid speed test.

Programs running in the background like automatic updates and Google Drive synchronizing can cause degraded speed results. Speed tests that are run while using your internet connection will only show you the remaining bandwidth available. For example, if you have a 5 Mbps plan and you are using 4 Mbps, your speed test results should be around 1 Mbps.

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