Nextlink Internet Acquires Fiber Operator Bluestem Network in Southeast Nebraska

Feb 1, 2023 | Blog, News

HUDSON OAKS, Texas, As part of an ongoing expansion of broadband internet and voice services in small towns and rural markets across the central USA, Nextlink Internet today announces it has acquired most of the assets of Bluestem Network, based in Lancaster and Seward Counties in Nebraska.

Bluestem Network is a local fiber-to-the-home internet and phone service provider, with service in small communities across southeast Nebraska.

Claude Aiken, Chief Strategy Officer of Nextlink Internet, said, “We thank the Bluestem team for their dedicated service to the community and their assistance transitioning customers and network assets over to Nextlink. We plan on using these assets as a base to continue growing our fiber internet presence across southeast Nebraska. Our first order of business is to get the communities of Seward, Milford, Emerald, and Pleasant Dale completely served with fiber internet.”

Nextlink Internet is underway on significant fiber construction in rural areas of nearby Gage County, Nebraska. It has 5 local office locations in Nebraska and over 60 employees in the state.

Aiken added, “We are laser-focused on partnering with rural communities to get high-speed broadband service using whatever technological tool in the toolkit works best for that community. We look forward to improving the breadth of our service in rural Nebraska, so that all Nebraskans can fully participate in our 21st century digital economy.”


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