Nextlink Internet Voted WISPA Operator of the Year

Oct 12, 2021 | Blog, News

WISPA Operator of the Year

Nextlink Internet Voted “WISPA Operator of the Year” by Industry Colleagues

HUDSON OAKS, Texas – Nextlink Internet, an internet service provider focused on rural communities across the Central United States, has been chosen as “Operator of the Year” by its colleagues in the internet service provider (ISP) industry.

The company was recognized today at WISPAPALOOZA, the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association’s (WISPA) major trade show. Winners of this award are selected based on being successful in business, willing to share knowledge, active in promoting the industry, and setting a positive example for other fixed-wireless and hybrid ISPs. This is Nextlink’s first time winning the award.

“Nextlink is a shining example of the best of our industry,” said Claude Aiken, President and CEO of WISPA. “They are one of the fastest growing broadband providers, with an unshakeable commitment to helping rural and small-town areas. Their recent successes in the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) programs for closing the digital divide are a sign that the best is yet to come for them and their customers. They have proven the case that fixed-wireless and hybrid networks deliver, and we look forward to seeing what’s next for them.”

“We are grateful for this recognition, which is a testament to the efforts of the entire Nextlink team,” said Bill Baker, CEO of Nextlink Internet. “Our team has been putting forth tremendous effort in expanding our service areas in 12 states across the country, and we have so much more good news yet to come. We are also proud to be leading the way for our industry in terms of successful engagement in the FCC’s programs and in many public-private partnerships. It’s humbling to have our success recognized by our peers in the industry.”

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About Nextlink Internet

Nextlink Internet is a rural-focused provider of high-speed internet and phone services in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. The company operates a fully IP-based, carrier-class network from core to edge with more than 800 team members working across its 23 field offices to build extensive fiber and wireless infrastructure to serve beyond its current 75,000 customer base. As an active participant in the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) programs to close the digital divide, Nextlink is working to rapidly connect hundreds of thousands of additional homes, schools, libraries, and businesses in small communities across 12 states within its expanding service footprint. For more information:

Nextlink provides Internet Service for: Home | Business | Education | Public Sector | FIber to the Home


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