Loaded Voice Features for Your Small Business

Nextlink Voice for Small Businesses

Nextlink delivers simple and smart communication services that enables businesses to communicate whenever, wherever, and however they want.

  • voice mail

    High-Quality Voice

    Nextlink has one of the largest on-net phone number footprints in the US and an industry-leading 97% call completion, so you always stay connected.

  • easy

    Ease of Use

    With 100% self-service through our Admin Portal and APIs, you can reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction, all backed by the support of our Service Delivery teams.

  • savings

    Cost Effective

    As a Tier 1 Carrier, we help you eliminate the middleman and save your business 20%-40% on your existing communication service.

Business Packages

Connect all the phone lines you need at a low monthly rate, and you’ll receive all the support that Nextlink offers. Sign up for a combination of any three packages, and you’ll get even more features at no extra cost.

Premium and preferred packages all come equipped with individual phone numbers (DIDs), E911 service, caller ID, 3-way calling, speed dial and call logs.

Account level features listed below are included at no additional charge with the purchase of a combination of the 3 bundled seat packages above

  • Account Features
  • Basic Auto Attendant
  • Dial-by-Name
  • Directory Music on Hold
  • Hunt Groups
  • Main Company
  • Phone Number Porting Services
  • E911 Registration Services
  • Corporate Directory
  • National Directory
  • Listing Robus
  • Call Control
  • Customer Admin Portal

Keeping You Connected

We offer a full portfolio of voice services to keep your business reliably connected. Our enterprise solutions are designed for businesses of any size. Whether you’re a startup with 15 employees or a large established corporation with over 500 team members, you deserve an enterprise-class solution at a price that fits your budget.

Tier 1 Carrier Network

Receive high-quality voice service where over 90% of your inbound and outbound calls transit on-net via our 100GB voice backbone.

Epic Scale

Whether your enterprise has a need for 10 or up to 100,000 concurrent calls, Nextlink’s network can handle it.

Expansive Phone Number Footprint

Over 10,000 on-net rate centers and thousands of off-net carrier partners to keep you reliably connected.

Fully Geo Redundant

Connect to multiple points of presence via public internet, MPLS, VPN, or TDM.

SIP Trunking

With a flexible SIP trunking service and instant trunk provisioning, you get a no-commitment, pay-as-you-go service from the industry’s leading voice carrier.


Integrate your offices with a managed SD-WAN data service. It’s never been more simple or cost-effective.

Unified Communications

Online meetings, team collaboration, video conferencing, and high-quality phone service are just some of the features you receive from Nextlink’s cloud-based UCaaS service.

Boost Productivity

With a unified communications solution that connects regionally dispersed office and remote employees by phone, messaging, video, and screen sharing, your staff will be empowered to deliver their best work.

Flexible Features for Your Communications


Shared call appearance between desktop, PC, and mobile endpoints with a seamless handoff of active calls for mobile employees.


Enhanced productivity for mobile or remote employees.

Instant Messaging

Avoid inefficient meetings with a multi-person chat for quick collaboration.


View any employee’s availability with just a glance at any Nextlink Connect device.


No hidden fees, no terms, no complex pricing plans, and no commitments.


Start buying numbers and placing calls in minutes, not weeks with your typical carrier.

API Driven

All of the features associated with our SIP trunking service are available via API or via portal.

Threshold Settings

Configure your trunk to alert you when certain calling or account elements hit your pre-defined threshold.

Live Support

We operate a 24×7 NOC and live chat service available to you at all times, so you never lose support.

Rapid Porting

Port numbers in less than 10 minutes using our wireless trigger-enabled porting service.

Additional custom features available. Call 855-NXT-LINK (698-5465) today for a custom quote.

Number Of Line Keys
Color Screen
Touch Screen
Gigabit Ethernet
USB Port Count
Polycom VVX 101
Polycom VVX 101
Polycom VVX 201
Polycom VVX 201
Polycom VVX3XX Series
Polycom VVX 3XX Series
Polycom VVX 4XX Series
Polycom VVX 4XX Series
Polycom VVX 501
Polycom VVX 501
VVX 601
Polycom VVX 601

Phones to lease from $5 to $15 per month with lifetime maintenance and replacement for defective equipment included.

*Nextlink Voice requires a Nextlink Internet connection. 911 service operates based on registered address and Nextlink will confirm 911 access prior to notification of number porting. All of your long-distance calling is included for calls made to the contiguous USA and Canada. Fire alarms, security alarms, postage machines, ATMs, point of sale systems (POS), fax, and other systems may not be compatible with VoIP. We will inform you of this and more once we complete an on-site discovery. Packages offered do not include taxes and fees. Number porting could take up to 45 days but 14 – 21 days is typical. If a power outage occurs, you will not be able to make or receive calls, including 911 calls, unless you have battery backup power for the subscriber module and POE for internet connectivity. During a power outage, if you wish to conserve battery power for making and receiving necessary calls, such as emergency or 911 calls, you should avoid making unnecessary calls and not use Nextlink Internet services during the outage. 8-hour holdover uninterruptable power supply (UPS) is $75 installed at the time of new service installation or add an additional $70 service call if dispatched after initial installation. A 24-hour UPS is available for purchase for $350 installed at the time of new service installation or add an additional $150 service call if dispatched after initial installation. These battery backup systems can be purchased on your own directly from stores, Amazon, or directly from UPS manufacturers. For additional information and requirements on our CyberPower UPS, click here: 24- and 8-hour battery backup information.

Seat Features

3-Way Calling

With a 3-Way Call, or an ad-hoc conference, you can bring two other lines (internal and/or external) into a call with you.

Call Logs

Your administrator will have access to view call detail records, such as inbound and outbound calls, time, and duration.

Caller ID and Caller Name Delivery

Incoming calls will include the incoming caller ID and caller name if provided by the network.

Call Waiting

Call waiting allows you to receive a new call while you are still on an existing call.

Call Forward Always

Forward all incoming calls to another extension or phone number.

Call Forward Busy

Forward incoming calls to another extension or phone number when your phone is busy or in Do Not Disturb mode.

Call Forward No Answer

Forward unanswered calls to an extension or phone number other than the voicemail after a set number of rings (default 3).

Call Forward Not Reachable

In the event that you lose your internet service, you can set a number to forward calls to when your phone is offline.

Do Not Disturb

Placing your phone service in Do Not Disturb will cause all calls to go to your voicemail box or specified busy treatment.

Extension Dialing

You may call other phones in your PBX with an extension, even if they are in other locations.

Last Number Redial

You can redial the last number you called.

Simultaneous Ring

You can specify extensions and numbers to ring at the same time as the desk line extension.

Sequential Ring

A sequence of extensions and numbers can be set up to dial if the desk phone does not pick up.

Speed Dial 100

You can specify up to 100 number to dial with #xx with the dial pad.

Unified Messaging

Your seat has voicemail included, but can also be configured for voicemail to email, zero-out, and email notifications.

All PBX Include the Following Features

Auto Attendant

An automated recording that answers the phone and provides a personalized message to callers with options for connecting to the operator, dialing by name or extension, or connecting to up to nine configurable extensions. Configuration via the Customer Portal allows for hours of operation to be modified, with different options available for hours that the company is open or closed.

Company Main Number

Phone number with unlimited incoming minutes that can be configured to point to any group extension in the PBX (such as an auto attendant or hunt group).

Corporate Directory

System Users are networked for extension to extension calling.

Hunt Groups

Allows users within a group to be included in a specified sub-group to handle incoming calls received by an assigned Hunt Group’s phone number. Within the Customer Portal, company administrators can choose from “hunt” schemes, each of which rings the specified phones in a different manner.

Music on Hold

Enables company administrators to upload an audio file (.wav file containing music, advertising, etc.) onto the system to be broadcast to parties while on hold.

Add-On Features

Advanced Auto Attendant

A multi-level Auto Attendant (for example, enterprise’s main Auto Attendant is configured to seamlessly route to the Auto Attendant of a particular department or location).

Call Recording

Allows a user to record their calls in either an always on or on-demand mode. These recording capabilities can allow for personal monitoring or supervised monitoring of recorded calls.

Toll-Free Numbers

An “800” number with inbound calling charged a toll to you, not the caller.

Virtual Number

Additional phone number with unlimited incoming minutes that can be configured to point to any extension in the PBX.

Secure Communications

All of your customer and corporate data is guarded against security and compliance breaches, putting your client’s concerns at ease during times of ID theft and other malicious threats.

Your institution requires the highest standards of security and reliability, so Nextlink offers enterprise-class reliability so you can be sure that key personnel can be reached immediately. With Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Safeguards in place at four data centers geolocated for five 9’s reliability and backup, your phone systems will never go down, even in natural disasters.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a standard SIP request/response which has been encrypted. This operates in the exact same manner as the more traditional HTTPS. As SIP is only used for establishment, control, and teardown of calls, SIP over TLS does not encrypt the actual RTP voice traffic.

SRTP is the Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol; it encrypts the voice traffic. This differs from TLS as it uses opportunistic encryption to exchange keys. Since SIP over TLS already has negotiated a secure channel prior to any traffic being passed, SRTP exchanges its cipher key in the SDP of the encrypted SIP Message.

Serving Your Business

Nextlink offers a trusted, secure, and compliant unified communications solution for your industry.

  • Grow at your pace without worrying about system replacements.
  • As your business grows, merges or acquires other institutions, Nextlink assists you by normalizing costs and addressing regulatory and security requirements as your institution grows.
  • Add advanced personalized features so you can tailor the way you communicate with your customers.
  • Consolidate all your locations into a single Cloud PBX instance.
  • Besides the phone or softphone client itself, you can eliminate the costly support expenses as there’s no PBX or other premises-based server equipment necessary.
  • Customized integration to Microsoft Office 365 and other collaboration applications.