Village of Hope – Uganda

Apr 9, 2019 | Blog, Community

Village of Hope Uganda

In an effort to continue our “Giving Back,” Nextlink is sponsoring a girl and a boy at the Village of Hope in Uganda. If you have not had a chance to watch the video about this organization, please take a few minutes to do so here. As you will see from this video, the staff at this orphanage is doing their best with limited resources to build villages (communities) of hope for orphans and widows where children can live with their siblings in safety and can go to school and learn how to help themselves and their communities.

Village of Hope is providing the basics of life: food, shelter, safety, education, skill training, love, and hope. Nextlink’s sponsorship will assist this organization in continuing its mission.

We will not be asking staff to conduct a fundraiser or to contribute funds. Nextlink is sponsoring these children, aligning actions of our company with the values on which we were founded.

We will have the opportunity to watch the children we sponsor grow and prosper through pictures and messages. Periodically, we will reciprocate and send them pictures of us and cards of encouragement and love.