NEXTLINK Has No Bandwidth Caps and Superior Speeds

May 14, 2013 | Blog, News

It’s funny. There are other internet service providers in our area that try and claim they’re the only ones who provide service without bandwidth caps …not true. Why cap a good thing like our speed? NEXTLINK has no bandwidth caps and superior speeds, and we’ve been that way from day one.

And speaking of speed, our downloads crank, but our uploads are far superior to our competition. Even if they could match our service and prices, that’d be all fine and dandy until their service goes down; that’s where NEXTLINK’s reliability and Customer Support comes in. We’re simply the best there, or shall we say, “totally un-capped.” You’ll ALWAYS get our best. Try getting all that elsewhere. We’re proud to say, you won’t! Give us a call.

Still not convinced? See what this new customer (and many others) have to say on our Facebook page. We love our customers and it shows.

“I’ve been a customer now for a week, and I’m flabbergasted at the speed! I have the service that is “up to 15 mbps.” My online speed tests routinely come in at 20+ mbps download speed and 14+ mbps upload speed. Sheesh! My UPLOAD speed is about 33 percent faster than the best download speed I ever got with my mobile broadband provider.”
– NEXTLINK Internet Facebook Friend, Fr. Bill