Service Disclaimer

Fixed Wireless, LTE, and Fiber Internet Service

*Available In Select Areas.

Services subject to availability and are not available in all areas, please contact Nextlink for details. Prices shown do not include any applicable taxes. Nextlink pricing is subject to change. Nextlink services are subject to the terms and conditions provided by the installer at the time of installation. Click here to review Nextlink’s Terms and Conditions and other applicable acceptable use policies. Promotional offers available to first-time customers only. Monthly offer rates subject to applicable surcharges, equipment taxes, franchise fees and other government-imposed charges. Installation, taxes, fees, additional receivers, equipment, additional services, or features are not included. Other restrictions may apply.

Wireless internet rates reflect the ability to connect to our tower with a sufficient signal within 3 to 4 miles of your residence. Longer range equipment is available if you are beyond the 3-to 4-mile range to the nearest visible tower.

Nextlink provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on the internet service plan that is paid for at the time of install. If you are not completely satisfied with the service within the first 30 days, your monthly internet fees will be refunded, and the equipment will be uninstalled. Installation fee and first month services due at the time of installation. Home Office Phones are available to lease at a per line fee with lifetime maintenance included.

Wireless internet service is limited to the coverage area of Nextlink wireless network via line of sight. Fiber internet service is limited to the Nextlink fiber network coverage area. Residential and Business plan speeds are best effort and up to the subscribed to maximum speed. Actual Internet speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Internet speed claims represent maximum speed capabilities and may vary based on many factors including website traffic, content provider server capacity, use of other Nextlink services, and maximum bandwidth restrictions on customer owned equipment. Unless a custom installation is pre-determined, all installation service is limited to one location within the home at no more than 100 feet from the Nextlink Subscriber Module (SM). The SM placement will be determined by a qualified installer. Additional installation, equipment, equipment rental, or other charges may apply if it is required to gain an unobstructed line of sight to Nextlink’s tower. Additional equipment may also be necessary for specialized roofing materials such as tile or metal roofs.

Nextlink participates in Carrier Grade NAT, as does many Internet Service Providers (ISP). This means customers who use our service will not always have the same public IP address. The public IP address can and will change periodically. If customers participate in hosting online games, use security cameras, or conduct any port forwarding, they will be required to purchase a Static IP. This will provide them with a consistent IP address for the port forwarding to work properly. Static IPs are available for an additional monthly rate based on the number of IPs needed.

If you qualify for low-income support services and want to know if you qualify for Lifeline discounts on our internet or phone services click here for more information.