Transparent internet rates and fees so you know exactly what you’re paying.

Residential Fixed Wireless Packages

Internet Packages Expected Download Speed* Retail Rate**
Next15 15 Mbps $69.95
Next20 20 Mbps $79.95
Next25 25 Mbps $89.95
Next35 35 Mbps $99.95
Next50 50 Mbps $119.95
Next100 100 Mbps $139.95

Residential Fiber Packages

Internet Packages Expected Download Speed* Retail Rate**
Next25 25 Mbps $49.99
Next100-200*** 100-200 Mbps*** $79.99
Next300-500*** 300-500 Mbps*** $89.99
Next1000 1000 Mbps $109.99

Residential Phone Packages

Phone Packages Monthly Price**
Residential Standard $14.95
Residential Select $19.95
Personal Hosted Fax $9.99
Standalone Mailbox $2.99
Other Services Price
VoIP Port $5.00
Move Service Fee $70.00
Service Call $70.00
Early Termination Fee $400.00
Late Payment Fee $5.00
Insufficient Funds Fee $25.00
Reconnection Fee $25.00
E911 Service $1.50/month
Whole Home Wi-Fi $8.99/month
Satellite 804Mesh Unit $4.99/month
Rental/Lease $2.00-$30.00
Purchase Fee varies
Equipment Replacement Fee $150.00
Equipment Reinstallation Fee $70.00
Installation Fees
Standard Installation $250.00


*Expected download speed is the maximum speed available based on a wired connection. Actual speeds are not guaranteed and may vary based on several factors.
**Price shown does not include any applicable taxes, fees or additional equipment.
***Some speeds may not be available in all areas.