Fearless Farmers

Jan 27, 2022 | Blog, Community

Nextlink Partners with Fearless Farmers to Foster Regenerative Agriculture Education


January 27, 2022 – Brenham, Texas Nextlink is honored to partner with Fearless Farmers to fulfill their mission of teaching future generations of regenerative farmers in classrooms, on farms, and in communities. We believe that our continued combined efforts enhance the communities we serve.

Fearless Farmers empowers people to teach future generations of regenerative farmers in classrooms, on farms, and in communities. There is an urgent need to support and increase eco-literacy through professional and personal development training opportunities. Climate change is here. Regenerative solutions are needed now. Future generations need access to ecological, project-based educational programs in their communities that make the connection between soil health and human health so children can thrive in their emerging future. As of 2021, the average age of a farmer was 57.5. We need to grow more farmers, and not just any farmers, but regenerative farmers. We do this by educating people who enjoy teaching youth. Climate change will be irreversible by 2030. Rapid changes are happening now to prevent it. Today’s children will enter adulthood with entirely different job opportunities than are currently available. We support educators’ and farmers’ efforts to educate future regenerative leaders. We rapidly create and enhance regenerative communities through education. Participants receive hands-on, ecological, professional, and personal development training and access to curriculum to implement in classrooms, homeschool groups, afterschool programs, and on farms. Regenerative farmers, and those transitioning, receive training and support to connect with Fearless Farmers trained educators to offer camps, classes, family farm days, homeschool programs, and field trips on their farms utilizing the Fearless Farmers curriculum.  Children understand where their food comes from, connect with their communities, and work on projects with regenerative farmers to gain first-hand experience seeing life through a regenerative lens. Fearless Farmers trained educators and farmers receive much-needed support and encouragement as they take on the task of teaching youth regenerative agriculture.

Interested in learning how to get involved with our nonprofit organization? Visit our website: fearlessfarmers.org.