Best Internet Provider in Hastings, NE

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Fast Wireless Internet

Internet packages with speeds up to 1 Gig! Plus, no data caps or overage fees.*


Affordable Phone Packages

Unlimited local and long-distance calling plans that include the most popular features including voicemail.


Supporting Communities

Nextlink Internet is the local provider who proudly gives back to the communities that it serves.

Internet Provider in Hastings, NE

Internet Provider Hastings, Nebraska

Elevate your online experience with Nextlink Internet in Hastings, NE. Our top-notch wireless internet service caters to residential and commercial users, providing a superior internet experience. Trust in our consistently reliable connection and choose Nextlink Internet for exceptional service in Hastings, Nebraska.

Wireless Internet

Unlock the potential of Nextlink Internet’s innovative wireless internet services in Hastings, Nebraska. Our state-of-the-art network ensures flawless connectivity across the country, surpassing the capabilities of traditional providers.

Experience the unmatched dependability and high-speed performance of Nextlink Internet today.

Home Internet

Home Internet in Hastings, NE

Enhance your digital experience with Nextlink Internet’s unparalleled wireless home internet services. Immerse yourself in diverse content, effortlessly manage remote work responsibilities, and enjoy uninterrupted gaming. Trust our reliable, high-speed connection to elevate your digital lifestyle.

Business Internet

Business Internet in Hastings, NE

Discover the unmatched reliability of Nextlink Internet’s wireless business internet services in Hastings, NE. Trust in our expertise for seamless connectivity to propel your business in the digital world.

Explore new opportunities with our exceptional and exclusive service.

Hastings, Nebraska Location Information

1104 S Elm Ave, Hastings, NE 68901

(402) 656-6669

For reliable wireless internet services in Hastings, NE and nearby areas, reach out to us through the Support Page on Nextlink Internet’s website.

*Speed availability varies by area. 1 Gig speeds may not be available in all areas.