Oak View, Stone Creek and McDavid Estates is requesting High Speed Fiber Internet:

Pre-sign today so that Nextlink can determine the interest level to make a project decision.

Fiber Optic Internet Poll – Pre sign today if you are interested in fiber being brought to your home.

We have heard from numerous residents that there is a high level of interest for Nextlink to bring fiber into the neighborhoods.

Due to the high-cost nature of FTTH construction, we need to first see if enough residents would commit to signing up. Based on the interest, we will start the engineering and designing the effort to help determine our cost. Typically these build-outs range somewhere in the low seven-figures in capital expense.

Nextlink will burden the majority of the costs and make that up over a period of time through the monthly service plans. We would need an installation fee in the $500 range to help offset these costs and making it possible for us to undertake such a project. We also would need to set our rate plans to start at $99 for the first year and after that first year, you could choose to downgrade to our plans starting at $59. If you sign up for any of the higher rate plans, you can choose to downgrade to any plan down to the $99 Fiberlink 100 in year 1. After year 1 of the 2-year term, we will offer our lower-tiered plans of 25/25Mbps $59 and 50/50Mbps $79.

A massive improvement over your existing internet connection, Nextlink Fiber connects directly from your residence to our central office and offers lightning-fast speeds of up to 1000Mbps (1Gbps).

For more information, call (855) 698-5465 to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable Nextlink representative.

No data caps or limits.
New Construction Areas and What To Expect in Most Cases:
$500 install estimated per home. Install fees may be less but depends on the cost of construction yet TBD.

Due to the high-cost nature of FTTH construction, the installation fee helps offset these costs. Nextlink will bear the majority of the costs as long as we have enough pre-signed commitments from the community. In year 1 of the 2-year term we offer our $99 and up rate plans to escalate the payback period. In year 2 we can offer our $59 for 25Mbps and our $79 for 50Mbps plans. You may choose to downgrade your plan from month 13 – month 24. The installation fee can be spread out over the first 12 months.

Click here for more information about Nextlink Internet and the FTTH construction process for your neighborhood.

Nextlink Whole Home Wi-Fi

Today’s homes are getting bigger, and the further you move away from the router, the weaker your Wi-Fi signal becomes, simply because the signal has to travel a longer distance. Nextlink offers additional satellite mesh units that can be purchased to extend your Wi-Fi coverage further.

$3.99 /mo Each additional Satellite 804Mesh unit needed for expanded Wi-Fi coverage.
Nextlink Whole Home Wi-Fi also offers you much faster resolution regarding any router troubleshooting, protection from lightning strikes via the UPS, additional up-time during power outages, and full lifetime replacement if there is a manufacturer’s defect or failure. Please note that water damage, excessive device damage, or other damage not inherent to the manufacturer’s normal operation will not be covered and a replacement charge, shipping charge, or dispatch charge may incur for replacement.

For more information, use the comment section below or call (855) 698-5465 to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable Nextlink representative.