High-speed wireless Internet available now in Northwest Illinois.

Network Business Systems Internet is now Nextlink Internet

NBS’s internet service provider division was recently acquired by Nextlink Internet which is based in Hudson Oaks, Texas. Nextlink Internet is an experienced provider of high-speed internet and voice services to residential, business, institutional and government customers in mostly rural and small-town areas, using a mix of fixed wireless and fiber-optic network technologies. Nextlink’s roots are in Texas and Oklahoma, but the company is currently expanding into other states. It plans to use the NBS network and workforce to expand in Illinois.

Will anything change about my bill or my service? Will NBS change its name?

In the near term, nothing will change in terms of the customer experience. Your billing invoice will look different on June 1 but your monthly rate will not change, your quality of service, your service charges, even your local customer service staff and technicians – all will remain the same. NBS will continue its platform sales, consultative engagements and overall services will continue. The Internet portion of the business is what Nextlink is purchasing and upgrading.

Does Nextlink Internet plan to make any changes in the NBS network? When and where will any network upgrades or expansions occur?
Yes. One of the key drivers of Nextlink’s growth is its constant investment in its networks and focus on internet service quality. So yes, there will be upgrades in the local networks formerly owned by NBS, and we plan to bring service to several communities that are currently unserved or underserved. However, it’s premature to be specific at this time about when and where those upgrades will occur.
What is the Connect America Fund, and what does it have to do with Nextlink and NBS?

Since its founding in 2012, Nextlink has attracted more than 36,000 broadband subscribers in Texas and Oklahoma using solely private capital to invest in its networks. However, in 2018, Nextlink won a competitive bid for $281 million in support over 10 years from the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Connect America Fund (CAF), which will help the company deploy broadband services to more than 100,000 homes and businesses across six states, including Nebraska.

Keep in mind: While high costs have been a barrier to providing broadband service in rural areas in the past, the economics of fixed-wireless technology make it the most cost-effective broadband access solution for rural and under-served areas. Fixed-wireless networks can be built and upgraded faster at a fraction of the cost of networks based on DSL, fiber, cable, or satellites. Add in Nextlink’s expertise in serving rural and small-town areas, and it means more Nebraska communities will be served with affordable, high-quality, high-speed internet service in the foreseeable future.