Nextlink Internet announces it has Acquires CCAOnline, Inc. in Illinois

May 2, 2022 | Blog, News

HUDSON OAKS, Texas – As part of an ongoing expansion of broadband internet and voice services in small towns and rural markets across the central USA, Nextlink Internet today announces it has acquired CCAOnline, Inc. based in Logan and Tazewell Counties in Illinois.

For more than 25 years, CCAOnline has been an Internet Service Provider in the community, first as a dialup provider and later as a wireless broadband provider.

Bill Baker, CEO of Nextlink Internet, said, “We thank Jim and Jan Youngquist for their fine work to serve the county and communities with Broadband Internet and Online News (Lincoln Daily News). It takes a special breed of person to dedicate a portion of their life to ensure others in their community can keep with the latest Internet technologies. They both love this area, and we wish them a happy retirement in Lincoln.”

“We feel honored for CCAOnline to have been selected to become part of the expanding Nextlink network and recognize that Nextlink will take our company further than we ever dreamed.  We are especially thankful to Bill Baker and his team for their insights, vision, and ambition to bring faster and more stable internet service, and even fiber broadband to Central Illinois,” said former CCAOnline owner Jim Youngquist.

Baker added, “We will immediately begin upgrades to the legacy CCA network infrastructure that we’re acquiring today.  These upgrades will bring download speeds to at least 100 Mbps across Logan County and in many areas, we will be offering up to 400 Mbps download speed plans.  As the presumptive winner of over $4 million in Rural Digital Opportunity Funding (RDOF) for Logan County, we plan to significantly improve the broadband capabilities of Logan County residents.”

Rick Harnish, Director of Development for Nextlink, noted, “Nextlink is partnering with counties for Connect Illinois and Infrastructure Act Grants. Our promise is to combine our own capital to leverage CAF and RDOF proceeds with County ARPA allocations to quickly reach as many rural households as possible with performance speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to multi-gigabit tier services.”


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