12/7/2021 7:00 AM

We are currently experiencing an outage in the following locations listed below. Our networking and infrastructure teams are working diligently to restore the connection as soon as possible. We will experience higher than normal call volumes and hold times during and after an outage. Please send an email to support@team.nxlink.com or call into support at 855-698-5465. We return these calls up to 10 PM CST and all others will be returned after 7 AM the next day so that we do not disrupt your evening at home. Thank you for your patience.

  • Texas: No current outages
  • Oklahoma: No current outages
  • Kansas: No current outages
  • Illinois: No current outages
  • Iowa:  Correctionville, Pierson, Watasha, Anthon areas
  • Nebraska: No current outages
  • South Dakota: Vermillion