Get paid for every customer you successfully refer to Nextlink!

THANK YOU for being a Nextlink Internet Tower Host and improving the internet quality within your community! As a Tower Host, you have a unique opportunity to share the benefits of high-speed internet with those who have frustratingly slow services. Now more than ever, homes across rural America are challenged with having the ability to work and educate from home while living on a budget and finding new ways to save money.

Earning $100 For Customer Referrals is as easy as 1-2-3!

The Tower Host Referral Program pays you money for every customer you refer to Nextlink who signs up for service. After the customer is successfully installed, you can earn $100! There is no limit to how many customers you can refer or how much you can earn! So, what are you waiting for? To get started, follow the three steps below:

Step 1

Fill out the Tower Host Referral Program form found at the bottom of this page. Once you’ve submitted the form, go to step 2.

Step 2

Submit your W9 to Nextlink. We require a current W9 on file in order to pay you for your referrals. You can submit your W9 by one of the methods listed below:

MAIL: Nextlink Internet, Attn: Marketing, 95 Parker Oaks Ln., Hudson Oaks, TX 76087

Step 3

Start referring your friends and neighbors to Nextlink! Your friends can call 855-698-5465 to speak to an agent and mention your name OR you can submit their names and contact information online and our sales agents will reach out to them! Either way, once they activate you will earn your referral money!