New Internet Service in Cleburne, Keene, and Parts of Joshua

Jul 12, 2013 | Blog, News

Expanding Horizons: Nextlink Internet Now Serving Cleburne, Keene, and Joshua


NEXTLINK continues to expand and serve new customers. We are now offering internet service in Cleburne, Keene, and parts of Joshua — ready for you! Local and rural internet coverage is now available in your areas.

If you haven’t heard yet, we are NEXTLINK, a locally-headquartered (Weatherford, Texas) internet service provider. We’re proud to say that our employees could be folks you know; our company is growing to cover a very large area of Texas, including Cleburne, Keene, and Joshua. Friendly and supportive customer service is what we’re all about, along with uptime and reliability, and (of course) fast speeds. We tell everyone that, because no matter where NEXTLINK goes our message never changes. And it’s true! Just head over to our Facebook page and you’ll see – people constantly have nice things to say about our internet service. That’s a very humbling thing. THANK YOU for having us serve you. As stated, we are BIG on customer support and reliability. Not to mention, we have some VERY fast download and upload speeds.

Remember y’all, our families are supported by your patronage. We’re big internet service (and getting bigger), but we’ll never forget that fact. Treat others as you would have them treat you, is a way of life we stick to.

Give us a shout for your home internet service or business. We have many flexible packages to fit your exact need. Contact us by clicking here. It’s nice to be in your areas! Looking forward to meeting you soon.