Nextlink Presents MESH Robotics Team with New Laptops

As part of Nextlink Internet’s ongoing sponsorship of the MESH Robotics Team, three Dell laptop computers were delivered to the team in November.  These laptops are already being used by team members to design a rover in CAD, and will allow the team to later program their robot in Java.  Many home PCs are not configured to handle the large programs needed by the members, and the laptops provide the team access to these programs at home, and not just during team meetings.

The MESH Robotics Team is part of FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) and allows students to learn hands-on systems engineering, CAD, 3-D printing, and programming skills, while they work as a team to design and build a project that will be entered into a robotics competition at the end of the season.  Nextlink has been a proud sponsor of MESH team #9886 for two seasons, and we are excited to see what they accomplish this year!

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