Installation (What to Expect)

customerService1. After you are qualified by our Elite Care Representative and choose a plan and installation date our field technician will visit your home for a final survey and installation.

2. When the technician arrives, he will check for all possible tower line of site and quality signals. We have high standards for our acceptable signal strength in order to provide you and other subscribers the best possible experience. If an acceptable signal is not attainable, the technician will inform you whether there are any additional options.

expect13. Once the technician has a qualified signal, they will begin installation. The technician will mount the dish and Subscriber Module (SM) on the eave of your home or other location that holds a qualified signal and is agreeable to the homeowner or landlord.

If your installation requires a tripod or mini-tower, the technician can discuss those options and then based on that conversation a NextLink Elite Care Specialist will have to provide a final quote for the additional equipment and labor required.

Tripod – estimated $50 or $2 per month for full coverage

Tripod – 3′ to 10′ available at $5/month extra.

4. Once the SM is installed, the technician will run a cable through an exterior wall into your home. The technician will discuss with you the placement and entry of this cable. Generally in a home office or other primary location where you would locate a desktop PC, Laptop, routers, etc. NextLink offers a “Resilient Router Plan” where we can install a wireless router and UPS, with lifetime support and replacement for $6.99 a month. This offers you much faster resolution regarding any router troubleshooting, protection from lightning strikes via the UPS, additional up-time during power outages and full replacement if there is a manufacturer’s defect (water damage, excessive device damage or other damage not inherent to the manufacturer’s normal operation will not be covered)

5. Once everything in the home is installed and a connection is made to your device, the technician will walk you through any logins for your account, payment site and any other knowledge transfer necessary based on your particular installation. The technician will double check all connections and signals to be sure your installation is optimized for peak performance. For residential and business customers the technician will collect any installation fees and first month’s service for final activation.

*Other custom installations may be considered but will typically require a second quote for installation and likely another scheduled date for installation.

6.  For residents who lease the home, you should carefully review your lease agreement to determine if you have the right to make such modifications. If landlord approval is required, please request that the landlord, or its authorized representative, complete section 1 of the form located at the following link; Landlord Approval Form.  Acknowledge authorization for the installation and provide this signed form to the Nextlink prior to the scheduling of the installation In the alternative, if the landlord verbally gives you permission or if landlord approval is not required pursuant to your lease or rental agreement, please complete section 2 below.

Before installation can be scheduled this agreement must be submitted to Nextlink Internet. By submitting this agreement, you are granting Nextlink Internet permission to install Nextlink Internet services and are releasing Nextlink Internet from the obligation to remove your equipment mount after it is installed. Reason being that we do not remove the equipment mount completely is that it may cause leaks to the roof after it has been removed, even after a seal has been placed over the holes. The signed installation permission form releases Nextlink Internet (including any installation technician) from any liability related to damages your landlord may claim as a result of an alleged violation of your lease/rental agreement as it relates to the installation of your Nextlink Internet services.