How it Works

We transmit the internet to you through Radio Frequency, so we must have a clear line of sight from your roof to the tower in your area. Our technicians will do this on the day of install. They will come out to the location and test for a signal from your roof. If we can get a signal, they will discuss the placement of the equipment with you prior to mounting this to your roof.

There are times when we will need to raise the equipment due to trees or terrain. If this is needed we do offer a tripod for an additional $5 dollars per month. The technician will discuss this with you prior to installing this extra equipment.  Other equipment other than a tripod may be necessary.   Additional equipment may also be necessary for specialized roofing materials such as tile or metal roofs for stability and to avoid damage to those surfaces.

Depending on your location and line of sight to our towers, commercial grade equipment may be necessary in order to achieve an acceptable connection to allow for a consistent internet experience. If such equipment is necessary, additional charges will be necessary and will be reviewed and approved with you before the installation is performed.

Our technician will run a Cat5 cable from the radio on the roof into your home with an exterior line. From here we will connect a small black box called a POE. This will provide the electricity to the radio. Finally, our tech will connect the internet to your router.

Once the technician has verified you are able to access the internet, he will walk you through our Online Payment Portal. Here he will show you how to access you billing account and collect the installation fee and first month of service. We can take Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or you bank information to process this payment electronically. Our techs cannot accept cash at the time of install.

Once the account is set up the tech will also save your information in the system for Auto Pay.

All customers are required to set up auto pay. How this works, the anniversary date of your install is the day we draft from your account. So if you are installed on the 3rd, we will draft your account every month on the 3rd.